Senate Labor Committee Holds Hearing on the Employment Development Department (EDD)

May 11, 2017

Sacramento – Yesterday, the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee, chaired by Senator Steven Bradford (D-Gardena) held an informational hearing relating to the Employment Development Department’s readiness to meet the challenges of another recession and continue to provide effective services to Californians in need.

Although California’s unemployment rate now stands at 4.9%, there are still many unemployed workers unable to reap the benefits of the economic recovery.  The Great Recession resulted in a large influx of Californians seeking access to unemployment benefits and such unprecedented numbers caused challenges for the Employment Development Department. Since then, EDD has made great strides to improve customer service and access to benefits for California’s unemployed.  With the state and nation again facing uncertain economic times, assessing the readiness of EDD to meet the challenges of another economic downturn is critical.

The purpose of this hearing was to get an update from EDD on its current measures to improve services to Californians, to ensure that in the case of a future recession, EDD is equipped to meet the needs of our unemployed.

“I am extremely pleased that representatives of EDD, including Director Henning, presented at this hearing and informed us of the steps that EDD is taking to make certain that even in uncertain economic times, the department can provide vital assistance including unemployment insurance to all Californians, especially the underprivileged and vulnerable who would be most affected by a financial crisis.” said Senator Bradford.