Senator Bradford Introduces Bill to Boost Infrastructure and the Economy in the City of Inglewood

September 01, 2017

SACRAMENTO - Senator Steven Bradford (D- Gardena) introduced Senate Bill 789, a measure to streamline Inglewood sports and entertainment projects, expedite transit projects to serve Inglewood and the upcoming Olympics, while ensuring the protection of existing community members and their homes.

“We must take action now to ensure the city's vision comes to fruition,” said Senator Bradford. “It is critical that this is done immediately for the timely implementation and success of forthcoming projects. These major projects will help boost the economy in Inglewood and the greater Los Angeles region, while improving investment, entertainment and highlighting Inglewood’s significance to California.”

SB 789 facilitates the move of the Los Angeles Clippers to join the best-in-class, LA Forum music venue, and the new football stadium for the National Football League’s Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers. The new Inglewood stadium at Hollywood Park will host Olympic events, so it is important to get moving on meeting the transportation needs for this global exhibition. At the same time, it improves public transit by connecting downtown Inglewood to the larger LA Metro system.  This will help encourage residents to utilize the benefits of this transit-oriented development (TOD) and reduce the reliance on cars, which will improve local air quality, lower maintenance and travel costs on personal automobiles, and help our state meet its greenhouse gas emission goals.

“I'm excited to replace the closure of Hollywood Park with the economic opportunity for people and businesses in our community,” said Bradford.  “This builds on the Mayor and city council’s vision for Inglewood to reach its full, promising potential, in the state's most diverse region. Additionally, this is a big win for public health in an area that is far too often overlooked.”

SB 789 streamlines the California Environmental Quality Act, known as CEQA, for the Inglewood sports and entertainment project, expedites the Inglewood people-mover project from LA Metro to downtown Inglewood, and preserves existing housing for long-time community members in the Inglewood development areas.  This bill was introduced today on the Assembly Floor, where it will be voted on in Assembly policy committee next week. 


Senator Bradford represents the Los Angeles County communities of Carson, Compton, West Compton, Gardena, Harbor City, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Lawndale, Lennox, San Pedro, Watts, Willowbrook, and Wilmington.