Senator Bradford Releases Statement on 2019 Legislative Accomplishments

October 16, 2019

Senator Bradford Releases Statement on 2019 Legislative Accomplishments


SACRAMENTO ­– This year, Senator Steven Bradford (D-Gardena) continued his efforts championing a multitude of issues impacting not just his constituents, but all Californians.   In total, he was successful at getting 13 bills approved by the Legislature, 10 of which were signed into law by the Governor’s bill signing deadline, which was this past Sunday, October 13th at midnight. 


“It was another exciting year in the Legislature with many significant accomplishments, moving our state forward by setting aside critical funding in our reserves, balancing our budget, while also investing in the future and passing necessary policies to improve the safety, health, and prosperity of California,” said Senator Steven Bradford. “Each year that I have served in the Assembly and Senate, the problems have evolved and shifted, but the amount of work we must tackle remains limitless.  This is the ultimate challenge, but also a gift and responsibility I would not change.” 


The legislation Senator Bradford authored covers a wide range of subject areas including, but not limited to: a bills which address the lack of inclusivity and equity within the cannabis industry; allow college athletes who generate billions of dollars for corporate sponsors and their universities to also benefit off of their skills and talents; create greater diversity within the insurance industry; help wrongfully convicted individuals receive fair compensation; as Chair of the Banking and Financial Institutions Committee – a bill to help financially empower underserved communities with funding generated from bad actors in the lending industry; and as a longstanding leader on energy, utilities and communications issues - six bills related to our state’s future.


The following bills signed by the Governor include:


SB 155: Clarifies existing requirements that help the State achieve its existing renewable and zero-carbon energy goals.

SB 206: Enables all student athletes enrolled in public or private four-year colleges and universities to earn money from sponsorships, endorsements and other activities that use their name, image, and likeness.

SB 255: Adapts the existing energy supplier diversity initiative to suit our twenty-first-century electric grid by including new market participants.

SB 269: Extends the time to apply for compensation for individuals who were wrongly convicted and have proven their innocence in a court of law.

SB 322: Allows workers to speak freely and privately with a state hospital or health facility inspector during an inspection by the Department of Public Health to ensure the safety of all workers and patients.

SB 455: Creates the California Financial Empowerment Fund administered by the Department of Business Oversight to award grants to nonprofit organizations.

SB 519: Authorizes the State Water Resources Control Board to grant money in the Site Cleanup Subaccount to Water Replenishment Districts thereby quickly and effectively funding projects in order to protect valuable water resources.

SB 534: Reinstates the Insurance Supplier Diversity Survey and codifies the Governing Board Diversity Survey and Insurance Diversity Task Force in order to continue collecting vital information and advise the Department of Insurance on how best to achieve its diversity goals.

SB 595: Requires a state cannabis-licensing authority to develop and implement a program to provide state application or licensing fee waivers and deferrals for local social equity applicants or licensees.

SB 676: Lowers the overall costs associated with Californians’ growing number of electric vehicles by integrating their electricity demand into the grid in smart, optimal ways.


In addition to legislation, Senator Bradford was also successful at securing critical and significant amounts of funding through the budget process:


$30 million for the support, development and expansion of local cannabis equity programs to ensure an inclusive and diverse cannabis industry, particularly focused on owners and operators who have been most impacted by cannabis prohibition.

$7.5 million for Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science to increase support services and growth of student enrollment for Charles Drew University.

$5 million in ongoing funding for Community Based Organizations to establish, sustain or improve innovative and transformative rehabilitation programs at CDCR facilities. $1 million to help former foster youth recover or pay for their higher education costs and become mental health service providers.



Senator Bradford represents the Los Angeles County communities of Carson, Compton, Gardena, Harbor City, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Lawndale, Lennox, San Pedro, Torrance, Watts, Willowbrook, and Wilmington.