California governor signs host of police reforms including decertification, duty to intervene

October 01, 2021

GARDENA, Calif. - Standing among lawmakers and families whose sons died at the hands of police, Gov.  Gavin Newsom signed a host of reform bills that span from decertifying police officers from ever getting another job to opening up records when there has been sustained findings of racism.  Other new laws open up records, put stricter laws into place when tear gas can be used and forbids the use of traditional face-down holds that cause "positional asphyxia." 

"This is hope, that change is possible," said Robert Collins, the stepfather of Angelo Quinto, who died last December after Antioch police put a knee on the young Navy veteran's neck during a mental health crisis. "And that means the loss that we had was not in vain, if we can prevent other people from suffering the same fate."

After the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, a host of community members and politicians around the country, including California, aimed to make police departments more transparent and accountable, as well as put limits on police power. 

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