LA County one step closer to possible return of Bruce's Beach; Great-great-grandson thanks supporters

October 01, 2021

LOS ANGELES - Imagine it’s the early 1900s. Bruce’s Beach was a thriving resort for Black residents along the strand. 

In the 1920s, the beachfront property was taken from the Bruch family by the City of Manhattan Beach using eminent domain. In 1995, it was transferred to the state and then to Los Angeles County. 

On Thursday, Governor Gavin Newsom made it legally possible to transfer it yet again. This time, by signing a measure giving authority to the county, it can go back to the Bruce family.

Before grabbing the pen to sign the document near the beach Newsom said, "As Governor of California let me do what Manhattan Beach apparently doesn’t want to do and I want to apologize to the Bruce family."

Governor Newsom apologizing to the descendants of Charles and Willa Bruce who in 1912 spent $1,200 –  a lot of money back then – and as State Senator Steven Bradford says, "created a beach resort, a dance hall, a tavern and a lodging place for folks to recreate."

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