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Business, Professions, and Economic Development:

SB 182: Transportation network company: participating drivers: single business license 
SB 182 prohibits a local jurisdiction from requiring a transportation network company (TNC) driver to obtain more than one business license, regardless of the number of jurisdiction in which they operate.

SB 619: Lottery tickets: ticket messenger service  
SB 618 allows a business that is not a lottery game retailer to purchase lottery tickets from an authorized lottery retailer on behalf of individuals or groups of individuals who order those tickets through an Internet Website or mobile application operated by that business.

SB 636: Addiction treatment: advertising: payment
SB 636 prohibits certain persons, programs, or entities, including an alcoholism or drug abuse recovery and treatment program and persons employed by that program, from giving or receiving remuneration or anything of value for the referral of a person who is seeking alcoholism or drug abuse recovery and treatment services.


SB 344: School attendance: interdistrict attendance
SB 344 extends the sunset date which authorizes county boards of education (COEs), with countywide average daily attendance (ADA) greater than 180,000, to determine whether a pupil who has filed an interdistrict appeal should be permitted to attend in the district in which the pupil desires to attend, within 40 school days.

SB 621: Overtime compensation: private school teachers  
SB 621 clarifies that the minimum salary standard for classifying part-time private school teachers as exempt employees is in proportion of the full-time instructional schedule for which the employee is employed.


SB 163: Elections: residence: domicile
SB 163 would clarify that the domicile of a Member of the Legislature or a Representative in Congress is to be determined solely by the operation of conclusive presumption. Existing law provides that, for purposes of determining the domicile of a Member of the Legislature or a Representative in the Congress of the United States, the residence address indicated on that person’s currently filed affidavit of voter registration is conclusively presumed to be that person’s domicile.

Energy and Environment:

SB 376: State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission: chair: report to the Legislature   
SB 376 will require the Chair of the California Energy Commission to appear annually before the appropriate legislative policy committees and report on the CEC’s plans to carry out its responsibilities.

SB 514: California Teleconnect Fund Administrative Committee Fund 
SB 514 would update the definition of “high-speed broadband services.” 

SB 549: Public utilities: reports: moneys for maintenance and safety
SB 549 requires an electrical or gas corporation subject to ratemaking jurisdiction of the California Public Utilities Commission to report to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) when money authorized by the CPUC for maintenance or safety are reprioritized for other purposes and require the CPUC to include report in the docket of an appropriate proceeding and the report to the service list of that proceeding.

SB 618: Load-serving entities: integrated resource plans
SB 618 clarifies current law with respect to CPUC authority to approve Integrated Resource Plans.

Income Taxes:

SB 343: Income tax exclusion: Kast Property Tank Farm facility cleanup
SB 343 provides an income tax exclusion for any qualified amount received by a taxpayer, for costs associated with temporary accommodations and relocation pursuant to Regional Water Quality Control Board Order R4-2011-046 and the proceeds from a settlement arising out of the investigation.

SB 375: Income taxation: timeliness penalty: abatement
SB 375 allows the Franchise Tax Board to forgive penalties for late filings or payment if a taxpayer has a history of paying their taxes on time.

Insurance and Human Services:

SB 380: CalWORKs: child support  
SB 380 excludes from the CalWORKs assistance unit, upon request, a child for whom an adult in the assistance unit receives a payment of child support.

SB 488: Insurers: women, minority, disabled veteran, veteran, and LGBT business enterprises: procurement and board diversity
SB 488 extends and expands the insurer supplier diversity survey and establishes a new insurer governing board diversity survey.


SB 189: Workers’ compensation: definition of employee
SB 189 decreases the ownership threshold for corporate officers and owners from 15% to 10%, reducing the number of small business that would be required to purchase workers comp insurance when the owners are employees of the business, while still ensuring that non-owner workers are being properly covered in case of an occupational injury and expand the scope of the exception to apply to an owner of a professional corporation, as defined, who is a practitioner rendering the professional services, as specified.

SB 489: Workers’ compensation: change of physician  
SB 489 makes necessary technical changes to allow for timely payments for emergency treatment for injured workers.

SB 490: Wages: Barbering and Cosmetology Act: licensees
SB 490 allows beauty salon employees to be paid a percentage or flat sum commission under specified conditions, including that employees are appropriately licensed, as defined, and that they also receive a base hourly pay rate of at least twice the state minimum wage.

SB 491: Civil rights: discrimination: enforcement  
SB 491 instructs the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) to establish an advisory group to study the feasibility of authorizing local governments to enforce Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and to report back to the Legislature with an implementation plan and draft legislation.

SB 617: Workers’ compensation: provider  
SB 617 requires the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) to issue annual reports to physicians who treat 30 or more injured workers annually and also requires the administrative director of the DWC to issue a report on potential alternatives to the current fee-for-service fee schedule.

Transportation and Housing:

SB 277: Land use: zoning regulations
SB 277 authorizes the legislative body of a city or county to establish inclusionary housing requirements as a condition of the development of residential rental units.

Public Safety:

SB 345: Law enforcement agencies: public records
SB 345 requires specified law enforcement agencies to post publicly available policies and procedures on their websites.

SB 513: Assault and battery of a public utility worker
SB 513 would make assaulting or injuring at utility worker a crime punishable by a fine or imprisonment or both.

SB 620: Firearms: crimes: enhancements
SB 620 allows a court, in the interest of justice and at the time of sentencing to strike a sentence enhancement for using or discharging a firearm when a person is convicted for committing a felony.


SR 43: Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
SR 43 urges recognition of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science as a Historically Black College and University by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

SR 47: Juneteenth
SR 47 recognizes June 19, 2017, as Juneteenth and makes findings thereof.