Senate District 35

SD 35 includes the Los Angeles County communities of Carson, San Pedro, Compton, West Compton, Gardena, Harbor City, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Lawndale, Lennox, West Carson, Watts, Willowbrook, and Wilmington. This district is characterized by a very high residential density, the Port of Los Angeles and the 110 Freeway which runs north-south through the entire district. Traffic and pollution concerns related to the Port are significant interests within the district. San Pedro and Harbor City are with the Port. The cities of Inglewood, Long Beach, Los Angeles and Torrance were split to achieve population equality.

Map of Senate District 35 (PDF)

Deferred Area of Senate District 35

Every 10 years after the US Census Data is released, the California Citizens Redistricting Commission draws new lines for representation that is reflective of the population changes. Senate districts have a unique issue that Assembly and Congressional districts do not have. Of the Senate districts established, only the even-numbered districts went into effect for the 2022 election cycle. The new odd-numbered districts will not go into effect until the 2024 election cycle. This means some members of the population do not have representation until 2024 when the next election cycle happens. These geographic areas are referred to as “deferred.” However, the Senate wants to ensure that anyone living in a deferred area is still represented by a California State Senator and therefore has been assigned a Senator to represent them until the next election occurs in 2 years.

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Senate District 35 Maps

The deferred area include portions of Inglewood, Los Angeles, and Westmont.

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2020 Census Population

Name Count Percent
Total Population 954,469 100.00%
Hispanic or Latino 520,442 54.53%
Not Hispanic or Latino (NH) 434,027 45.47%
NH Population of one race 407,291 42.67%
NH White alone 96,853 10.15%
NH Black or African American alone 178,730 18.73%
NH Asian alone 117,594 12.32%
NH American Indian and Alaska Native alone 1,741 0.18%
NH Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 6,568 0.69%
NH Some Other Race alone 5,805 0.61%
NH Population of two or more races 26,736 2.80%


Counties In District

Name Count Percent
Los Angeles 954,469 9.53%


Places In District

Name Count Percent
LOS ANGELES: Alondra Park(U) 8,569 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Carson(C) 95,558 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Compton(C) 95,740 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Del Aire(U) 10,338 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: East Rancho Dominguez(U) 15,114 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Gardena(C) 61,027 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Hawthorne(C) 88,083 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Inglewood(C) 94,324 87.53%
LOS ANGELES: Lawndale(C) 31,807 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Lennox(U) 20,323 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Long Beach(C) 37,021 7.93%
LOS ANGELES: Los Angeles(C) 241,276 6.19%
LOS ANGELES: Torrance(C) 66,893 45.48%
LOS ANGELES: West Athens(U) 9,393 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: West Carson(U) 22,870 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: West Rancho Dominguez(U) 24,347 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Willowbrook(U) 24,295 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Remainder of Los Angeles(R) 7,491 8.55%